The Thin Tweed Line
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The Presians, Jews, Greeks, and Romans

The Academy Versus The Lyceum by BriAnne Pauley (March, 2012)

Heliocentric Thinking by BriAnne Pauley (April, 2012)

Lyco of Troas: A Pathetic Peripatetic by Kerry E. Olivier (March, 2012)

Plato on Women: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game by Kerry Olivier (February, 2012)

Socratic Education by Danielle Brandli (February, 2012)


The Muslim Enlightenment

Avicenna by Kyle Perra (February, 2012)

The Academy of Jundishapur by Jazmyne M. Sturgeon. (March, 2012)

al-Jazari; An Influential Engineer by Mckaney R. Short (February, 2012)

al-Khwarizmi: Arabic Numerals and Geometric Justification to Algorithms by Jordan A. Vidmore (February, 2012)

Alhazen’s Method of Empiricism and its Contributions to Advancing Science by Elizabeth Anne Rathburn (February, 2012)

Jabir ibn Hayyan: Alchemist by Jazmyne M. Sturgeon (February, 2012)

The Madrassa of Al-Qarawiyyin by Kyle Perra. (March, 2012)

Muḥammed ibn Mūsā al-Khwarizmi by Logan Dearinger (February, 2012)


Early Christian Europe

Alcuin’s Educational Reform in 8th Century Europe by Alexander Rumann (February, 2012)

From Cathedrals to Universities by Emily K. Hudson (March, 2012)

A Spark of Knowledge by Emily K. Hudson (February, 2012)

The Venerable Bede by Erica R. Dines (February, 2012)


The Middle Ages

Authentica Habita and the Protection of Medieval Roman Scholars by Nichole Slack (April, 2012)

Master and Student Run Universities by LeAnn J. Williams. (March, 2012)

The Mathematics of the Quadrivium by Brian K. Davis (April, 2012)

The Medical School of Salerno’s Multi-Cultural Markings by Cloe McDonald (March, 2012)

The Relationship of Christianity and Scholasticism During the Middle Ages by by Elizabeth Anne Rathburn. (April, 2012)

Roger Bacon’s Influence on Modern Society by Sarah Noteboom (February, 2012)

Separation of Church and Education by Elise Holbrook-Bruns (February, 2012)

The University of Paris and the Western Schism by Kiah Jones (February, 2013)


The Enligthenment

Comenius and Contemporary American Education by Cloe McDonald (February, 2012)

Copernicus’s Disruption of Mystic Deduction in Universities by Amanda L. Wiant (February, 2012)

Francis Bacon: Influence in Learning by LeAnn J. William (February, 2012)

Germany and the Evolution of the University by Kim Malella. January, 2013

The Merton Thesis by A. J. Lakey (February, 2013)

Isaac Newton and the Principles of the Heavens by Brian K. Davis (February, 2012)

Scholasticism and Humanism during the Italian Renaissance by Danielle Brandli (April, 2012)

William of Ockham: the Missing Link by Angelica Orta (February, 2012)


The Steam Convergence

Booker T. Washington and the African-American Education Movement by Nichole Slack (February, 2012)

Creation of the First Law School in America by Brian K. Davis (March, 2012)

Newcommen and Watt Illustrate Learning Techniques by Emily Peters. (February, 2013).

The development of a written language: Preslav Literary School and the Cherokee Language by Jordan A. Vidmore. (March, 2012)


The Modern University

Drake University, Law School in the Making by McKaney R. Short. (March, 2012)

A Dynamic Focus At The University Of Tennessee by Elise Holbrook-Bruns (March, 2012)

The First Steps Towards Educational Diversity: University of Virginia by Amanda L. Wiant. (March, 2012)

MIT and Educational Progress in America by Elizabeth Anne Rathburn. (March, 2012)

The Morrill Land-Grant Act and the Working Class by by Amanda L. Wiant (April, 2012)

The Scholastic and Dynamic Role of the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in Higher Education by Danielle Brandli (March, 2012)

The Servicemen's Readjustment Act and its effect upon African Americans: The Dark Side of the G.I. Bill by Kerry E. Olivier (March, 2012)

Thomas Jefferson on Higher Education by Lyndsey Burkette (February, 2012)

The Johns Hopkins by Logan R. Dearinger (March, 2012)

The University of Cambridge and the Formation of the Modern University by Nichole Slack. (March, 2012)

University of Gottingen; Revival of German Universities by Alexander Rumann. (March, 2012)

Vannevar Bush: His Effect on the Education System by BriAnne Pauley (February, 2012)



The History

of Higher Education



The Presians, Jews, Greeks, and Romans

The Muslim Enlightenment

Early Christian Europe

The Middle Ages

The Enligthenment

The Steam Convergence

The Modern University