The Thin Tweed Line
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Jesus and Socrates (11.4 Mb PDF - 38 slides) By Steve Jackson, Danielle Brandli, Jazmyne Sturgeon, Logan Dearinger Jordan Vidmore, and Lyndsey Burkette

Thesis: Western culture and the western educational system that supported the enlighten and scientific revolutions can be traced to two major cultural inputs. the Judeo-Christian ethical system exemplified by Jesus of Nazareth, and the system of rational inquiry exemplified by Socrates of Athens. Youtube Lecture


The Caliphate (6.2 Mb PDF - 22 slides) By Steve Jackson, Emily Hudson, and Logan Dearinger

Thesis: The Muslim Caliphate saw an enlightenment every bit as profound as the revolution that would spread across Europe nearly 800 years later. This enlightenment would be nearly lost to the people of the 21st Century, but had a profound affect on the formation of western thought through a little known Catholic Pope named Sylvester II. Youtube Lecture


The Rise of Literacy (12.9 Mb PDF - 21 slides) By Steve Jackson

Thesis: Literacy rose in the fertile cresent and the Nile river valley from stone age cave arts and lead to education systems dedicated to law, religion, and accounting.


Persians, Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans (18.7 Mb PDF - 38 slides) By Steve Jackson


Learning in the Shadow of God (Youtube video) By Steve Jackson


Scholasticism and the Dark Ages (4.1 MB PDF - 28 Slides) By Steve Jackson


Lectures in Higher Education